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Calibration is off

Everything skewed by 20 degrees or so. Looking at planet, SkyView shows it below horizon. Setting Im missing?

Completely out of this universe!!!!

This app is awesome on so many levels I couldnt tell you where to begin!!! Be amazed as soon as you open the app!! Hours and hours of learning and fun for the whole family!!!

Something wrong with app lately

For the past month or so this app has not been working right. It is showing the sun where the moon is and everything is all wrong on it. I cannot change or align the coordinates in the app as it only lets you move left or right and cannot move up or down when aligning the moon up with app.


Worked great on iphone5 until ios10 Completely worthless now, cant tell north from south, horizon is totally off

Sky view paid

I cannot get the camera off the home page?? shows my living room.

Awesome app!

Allows the user to "see" stars, constellations, satellites, planets, space debris and space stations. Select your location to identify objects and constellations real time or manually select another location to see other parts of the world. 5 stars for ease of use, high quality, and price! Not a paid review, just a homeschooling family that is enjoying this app.

Way off

Manually recalibrated, in Benson AZ, using the moon and still the app could not put Mars at the right location. As a result i can no longer trust identifying what i am looking at. Disappointed and can no longer recommend to friends. Rebooted iPhone in case it might be my equipment but it did not make a difference. Too bad. And yes, i did try both the auto and manual calibration as to my location, to no avail.

Da best!

Its just plain yummy for the eyes. Like visual peanut butter & jelly on French toast. Mmm!

Space love!!

I really enjoy this app. Especially after I purchased the upgrade, it was totally worth it!!! I love looking up at the moon and this now lets me see what else is up there!!

SkyView, use to be good!

Not sure what the problem is, but I have been using the paid version on this app for a few years now. But now, it doesnt know its north from its south! The display is half in the black and half using my camera view. I have tried installing it a few times, thing that might fix the problem. Not sure why it is acting up. Use to be a good app for star gazing. Maybe the magnetic pole shift has started to move. I cant seem to the compass to work. In fact the updated version doesnt even show the compass anymore? Hummm? Im very frustrated. So Im rating it lower that a 4. I notice you dont seem to show all the reviews from other people on here, about this app? Hope you will have a better update for it soon. Otherwise this has been a big waste of money! :(

The Universe made easy....

This awesome app makes answering my kids questions easy and fun!! Love it. We use it at home, on road trips, during special space events, and my fave.... camping! My only issue, which is fairly easy to adjust, is the iPhone version has to be recalibrated every time we use it. Not hard to do, but kind of a bother when we want info on a star or planet quickly. Really cool that it can be filtered (or set to show multiple sets of data) to give us info on our satellites, space trash, and different missions from around the globe. Definitely a laypersons go to app for all that is in our local universe.


I find myself using this instead of Safari Sky now, which was incredibly more expensive and NOT intuitive.

Love this ap

Lots of fun I use this app everyday on my iPad iPhone

Good helpful app.

I am impressed with the detail in this application. Most amazing is the amount of junk rocket bodies up there. I have found what I was looking for, and the projected path over time is really helpful.

Very good app

I loved it! Thinking of getting telescope now. Has really peaked my interest now and b able to tell some stories because know one will ever believe me

Love the App

It is really great but it is challenging to calibrate to hit the right star or planet. My iPhone 6 Plus does not hit the star directly. I feel like a chameleon going wall-eyed trying to get a fix on any given star!


Ive had this application for well over a year now, I find it very interesting to use and have shown it to my four-year-old granddaughter who is infatuated by it. I have even shown it to my former spouse since he does have a telescope, dont know if hes actually used it yet to find the constellations, planets and trajectory objects that show up in there also. I am simply amazed at how full our sky is of what we have put up there and left over. You should all take a look this is an amazing app!


Ive only just started my exploration of the cosmos, and what a great tool to see whats out there. Love it! Great to share with the kids too!

Best stargazing app ever!

Use it all the time on camping trips. Great information and fascinating for all ages.

Love the Idea

I even bought the upgrade, but it is not 100% precise. Tonight I pointed the thing directly at the moon and it called it Venus. It had the moon way off in another direction. Maybe theres a calibration setting I just havent found.

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